How to change a tire

Getting to your car and realizing you have a flat is really frustrating, but it happens. In that situation, you can do two things: call for help or get to work, by following our tips.
First and foremost, these are the things you need to have in your vehicle:
- Jack, so you can elevate the car and remove the tire
- Lug wrench, to remove the screws
- Lubricant to easily remove the screws (optional, but makes the task easier)
- Spare tire in good shape
- Signal triangle and reflective vest (if on the road)

So, these are the steps:

- One of the most important things is, if you are on the road, before changing the tire, it is mandatory to mark the place by placing the triangle at 30 meters, and to wear the reflective vest.
- Make sure the vehicle is in a flat, stable and safe place to park and change the tire. The surface must be solid and even, which does not allow the car to slide.
- Pull the handbrake securely and put the gear in first or reverse.
- Next to the tire, you should find a metallic part of the car's structure designed just to receive it. Fit the jack and lift it up until the car is supported (without lifting it off the ground). When the vehicle appears to be firmly supported, check if the jack is perpendicular to the ground.
- It is time to use the lubricant on the screws and nuts (optional) in order to unscrew them (counterclockwise). Do not release them completely.
- Get back to the jack and now with the lever make the car lift off the ground. Just enough to get the wheel out and the car suspended and secured.
- Now remove the bolts and the flat tire and place it under the vehicle - if the jack yields, it will cushion the fall, reducing the risk of accidents.
- Put the spare tire on the axle and tighten the screws by hand as far as possible. (clockwise) They should turn easily at first.
- When lowering the car, do not allow the weight to rest on the new tire. Before that, tighten the screws as much as possible.
- Finish lowering the car and remove the jack. Just tighten the screws and fit the cap to the wheel. Finally, keep the flat tire in the trunk for recycling.

Note: Keep in mind that the life of a spare tire is very short and is only estimated to take a short trip to a point where it can be replaced by a so-called “normal” tire. In addition to that, you must respect the maximum speed marked on it so as not to put your safety at risk.

Whether to perform this service or buy a new tire, talk to us. The Estrela da Manhã Auto Center has a huge variety of tire sizes and we do this service at home. We will not let you down. Talk to us.