Do you take my car to inspection?

Yes, we do a checkup and take your vehicle to inspection.

Which services do you offer?

All auto services. From small services, to mechanics and painting.

Opening hours of the auto center?

Centro Auto EM (Mãe de Deus) SEG a SEX : das 8h as 12h e das 13h30 às 17h30 | SÁB e DOM: Encerrado Estação de Serviço EM (Arrifes) SEG A SÁB: das 9h as 12h e das 13h as 18h | DOM: Encerrado

How can I make an appointment for one of your services?

At the workshop, by phone, through website ( and Facebook.

Can you pick up my vehicle at home? If so, does it have an extra cost?

12.50€ is the cost to pick up and deliver your car.

Do I have to make an appointment to leave my car at your workshop?

It’s not mandatory, but we do recommend making one, due to waiting times.

Which payment methods are available?

Cash and card.

Do you have any agreements with other entities/companies?

Yes, with several entities. Private or public companies (bakeries, rent a cars, retail, auto shops, etc).

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